Your child is sick or injured?
Our medical experts support you with VIOKID  ® in a structured and well-founded video initial assessment. Your medical experts are available on demand 
   thanks to VIOKID   ®.

New Partnership

We are pleased to announce the cooperation with
Björn Steiger Foundation.
We look forward to our joint contribution to optimising emergency care for children.

In the service of emergency aid
With the changes that time brings, emergency aid must also be constantly developed. This is where we see our task.

Your VIOKID Medical Experts

Emergency departments in Germany have been experiencing an increase in patient flows in recent years, especially due to patients with low treatment urgency (Scherer et al., 2017). As a result, emergency departments and paediatric outpatient clinics are experiencing a shortage of the already moderate resources of medical staff and spatial capacity. VIOKID can support parents in their decision-making through video call-based assessment and thus intervene early in the patient management process. With VIOKID, let’s dare to lift our gaze to focus on new innovations and bring about change.

Marco Götz B.A.
Career and technical eduction teacher for health and social professions
specialist nurse for emergency care
health practitioner

With the viokid team, I would like to offer parents specialist counselling in acute situations. As a link between home and the emergency department, we can be part of a modern solution to relieve the burden on the healthcare system. At the same time, we offer a sympathetic ear for all questions relating to children’s health.

Jasmine Vogelgesang
Health and paediatric nurse

Through my involvement with VIOKID, I would like to help parents in need quickly and easily with my professional expertise and relieve the emergency rooms.

Nadine Wagner
Health and paediatric nurse
Emergency Expert

I support VIOKID to help children and their parents in need quickly!

Jacqueline Harnasz
Health and paediatric nurse
Elementary pedagogical specialist

I support VIOKID in order to do good together for the families, relatives and children and at the same time to support and relieve our burdened health system!

Konstantinos Gogolopulos
Paediatric Nurse

I support VIOKID because I am convinced that with the app we are adding significant value to our health system and to the emergency care of children. I think it’s great to be part of an innovation in the medical field.

Denise Mauersberger
Emergency Nursing Specialist

I am with VIOKID to relieve and improve emergency medical care. I want to strengthen and support projects with potential.

Nuran Bazgan
Emergency Nursing Specialist

On the one hand, I think the project is extremely important to relieve the (children’s) emergency rooms and on the other hand, I find it exciting to be part of the project.

Marlen Weise
Paediatric Nurse

M.A. Health and Social Management

As an experienced nurse, I see the excessive demands of colleagues on a daily basis and often witness children coming to the emergency room who do not need urgent treatment. Parents are often unsure what to do and often have no choice but to drive to the hospital and wait for hours because paediatric practices are closed at weekends and in the evenings. At this point, as a VIOKID expert, I would like to support each side and ensure efficient and professional support.

Gina Adriana Failla
Intermediate Care and
Emergency Medicine Nurse

“Your Doc in the Poc –
Nurse in the Purse”
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How VIOKID works

Imagine your child falls off a bike or has a fever.

You are unsure whether it is really just a graze or a harmless infection. You take your smartphone out of your pocket/purse and open VIOKID. Already registered, you can start a video call with your medical experts by clicking on the “Contact medical experts now” button. The medical experts such as doctors and nurses are ad-hoc and 24/7 available for you.

Your medical experts will conduct a structured telemedical initial video assessment interview with you and your child, specifically tailored to the needs of children.

As a result, you can confidently decide on the next steps with feedback from your experts.

So funktioniert VIOKID

Parents Testimonials

Head Injury

After a head injury to my child, I used the app to get information about the next steps in advance. The accident process is systematically discussed and the child’s respective symptoms are queried. The conversation provides immediate reassurance as questions are answered professionally. Fears and excitement are reduced with the conversation. Finally, a recommendation for further action is given. If parents are unsure and do not want to go to hospital immediately, the app offers a good pre-assessment for their own decision. Do I/do I not go to hospital or to the paediatrician.

Terry, via Appstore on 24.07.2023

Great Help

Quick establishment of a relationship, competent discussion partner and, in the end, good tips on how to proceed. Great thing

Uwe Loeffler, via Appstore on 28.07.2023

Telemedicine made in Germany

The technology has been developed by long-time professionals in the medtech sector together with professionals from the emergency sector. Made in Germany. I’m pleased about that.

Medtech life science, via Appstore on 14.08.2023

Medical expertise always as a companion.

With VIOKID, parents and family members receive a qualified opinion on children’s illnesses and injuries 24/7. This optimally supports parents in deciding whether a trip to the hospital is necessary. Your emergency experts are always there thanks to VIOKID.


In the event of an injury to your child,  experts will support you via VIOKID with a structured and well-founded initial assessment. Thanks to VIOKID, your emergency experts are always with you and can be reached immediately 24/7 if necessary.

Unnecessary travel and waiting times in the emergency room are a thing of the past for you.


With VIOKID, you always make the right decision for your child in an emergency, supported by our medical experts. You save yourself and your child unnecessary trips to the hospital. With future VIOKID versions in the event of serious injuries, your emergency experts will make a structured emergency call directly to the appropriate control center, thus saving important time until the arrival of the rescue service.


Not only you benefit from VIOKID, but ideally everyone who cares for your children. Grandparents, uncles and aunts as well as your babysitter have the possibility to make an optimal decision in case of emergency. This gives you additional security if you are not personally present.


The central emergency rooms of the hospitals have been underfinanced for many years and are therefore permanently overloaded. With VIOKID you actively help to ensure that less non-urgent emergencies are presented in the emergency rooms. These currently account for ca. 40% of all cases in emergency rooms and contribute significantly to the overload. In this way, you help to improve the quality of care in your region.


Potentials and challenges of pediatric emergency care

100% of emergency departments are overloaded

40% of children’s emergency department presentations are non-urgent

70% of parents surveyed would use telemedicine option

120 Mio. € p.a. treatment costs due to non-urgent children’s emergencies in emergency departments

VIOONIC will pave the way to the future of digital communication for medical organisations and create a great added value for the quality of medical care for patients.